Sheriff Al Cannon Detention Center, Charleston, South Carolina

“Their responsiveness, on the rare occasions when an issue does arise, is unparalleled in the speed and quality of the resolution-and I am comparing them here not only to other commissary vendors the facility has used in the past, but, all the major service vendors we employ in our facility; including medical and food services.”

Ashley Cash, Director of Support Services

Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center, Columbia, South Carolina

“It is my pleasure to recommend McDaniel Supply Company for your commissary needs. McDaniels has been providing service to our facility since October of 2009. They not only have provided excellent service they have gone above and beyond to ensure they meet the needs of their customers.”

Assistant Director Kathy Harrell

Volusia County Florida Department of Public Protection

“The initial transition was performed seamlessly due to McDaniel’s thorough preparation and their performance in the interim has been excellent. Through the course of the McDaniel contract, Volusia County has experienced an annual increase in both revenue and associated commission without a corresponding increase in our inmate population.”

Gregory L. Marcum, Contract & Facility Services Manager

Brunswick County Detention Center, Brunswick, North Carolina

“McDaniel Supply Co. is a great company to work with and I would recommend them to anyone. I am confident that if you decide to do business with McDaniel Supply Co. that you will not be disappointed.”

Officer Ashley Williams

Coweta County Prison, Newnan, Georgia

“It is really a blessing to know that when you do have a problem or need assistance that you can call and your call is handled as if they have no other customers and that you have their full attention.”

Warden Bill P. McKenzie

Greene County Detention Center, Snow Hill, North Carolina

“I currently utilize their services and I would like to pass on to you how well it has worked for me and the professionalism that McDaniel Supply Company extends to me….I would highly recommend this company to any detention center and encourage you to at least look into their great commissary services and their individual attention that they provide to their customers.”

Eric Johnson, Jail Administrator