Q: Why am I getting errors when trying to go to the deposit webpage?

A: Due to recent upgrades to our website some users may experience error messages when attempting to make deposits. Please make sure you are using an updated browser (i.e. Internet Explorer 11+, Firefox 39+) that has Javascript enabled. Please note that some handheld devices and tablets will no longer work with our improved security. The best results are usually achieved by using a computer running Windows 7 or newer. Download Internet Explorer, Download Mozilla Firefox

Q: What types of credit cards do you accept?

A: McDaniel Supply accepts VISA, MasterCard, and Discover.

Q: When making an online deposit I receive an error message saying the "Billing Information does not match" or an "address mismatch" or an "AVS mismatch". Why?

A: The address that you provide us must be the billing address that is on file with your bank. This may be different than your mailing address. Please check with your bank if you are unsure. When entering the street address please make sure that you do not use any abbreviations. Spell out words like: apartment, street, avenue, boulevard, as well as number streets. For example 24th St. would become Twenty Fourth Street, etc. We have found the most common errors are with the address line and the zip code line.

Q: Do you take prepaid credit cards?

A: As a general rule the answer is yes. The prepaid card must support "ID Verification". This normally involves registering the card with the company's website. Cards that have worked in the past are:,,, and Any “Green Dot” cards, "Vanilla" cards, tax refund cards, gift cards, or cards issued by government agencies will not work.

Q: Why does my credit card information disappear after I click "Submit" on the billing screen?

A: This error is common if the credit card information is not entered correctly. When typing the credit card number please enter all sixteen digits straight through without any spaces or punctuation. The expiration date needs to be entered in the two digit month followed by the two digit year format. (e.g. January 2019 becomes 0119).

This error can also be caused by trying to make the deposit on a cell phone or tablet. Often times the cell phone or tablet will try to correct the spelling of one of the words automatically as you type it into the security challenge box causing an error. If this happens the best solution we have found is to make the deposit from a computer instead of the mobile device.

Q: Can I make deposits using my cellphone or tablet computer?

A: Many smartphones and tablets are capable of utilizing the internet deposits website. However, due to the varying nature of these devices, we cannot provide support for them. We will be implementing a mobile friendly version in the future.

Q: Why have you declined my card but there is a hold on my money?

A: For every attempted transaction the financial institution will place a hold on the requested funds. If the transaction is approved the money is then transferred. If the card is declined the financial institution releases the hold on the money and it should be available to you again in three to five business days. However, the amount of time it takes for the release to go through depends upon the financial institution.

Q: How much money is on my family member or friend’s account?

A: McDaniel Supply Company can not reveal the amount of deposits, frequency of deposits, or balances.

Q: What happens if my family member or friend gets transferred to another facility?

A: The facility issues a check to the inmate for their balance upon release or transfer to another facility. Should the inmate not receive their funds they need to contact the facility and give them their information along with the address for the check to be mailed to. This is not controlled by McDaniel Supply Company.

Q: What happens to family member or friend’s funds upon release?

A: All remaining funds are released to the inmate via check or release card. This is determined by the facility that is housing the inmate and not McDaniel Supply Company.

Q: I received a “Duplicate Transaction” error when trying to make deposit online. Why?

A: Please restart your computer and this should fix your problem.

Q: Once I have deposited money and received my receipt, how long does it take for the money to be available to the inmate?

A: Most deposits are on the inmate's accounts within minutes. This does depend on the facility and their internet connection. All deposits are reconciled the next business day to ensure the monies are on the inmates accounts.

Q: How will the inmate know when he/she has received a deposit?

A: Inmates who have access to a kiosk are able to view their deposits. Inmates who do not have access to a kiosk are given a receipt by the facility for the deposit.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact our support department at 912-427-9022.